Price Match Policy

If you find a lower regular price on an identical in-stock item, we'll match that price*

*Here’s how that works:

Show us a current lower price (on a published store ad, store quote, dated receipt, etc.) from any in-stock item that is the same make, model and version as the item at Camp Connection. If it meets all the requirements below, we’ll match it.

We will not price match items sold on-line only, or from on-line only stores. The item in question needs to be in-stock and available at a physical ‘brick and mortar’ dealer in the province of Ontario.

The price match guarantee does not apply to ‘On Sale’ items, or when advertised pricing includes “limited quantities,” “Limited Time,” “clearance,” “close-out,” “bankruptcies” or sale events (ie. Boxing Day, Black Friday).

We reserve the right to limit quantities of an item sold at a price-matched price.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of our price match guarantee from time to time.