80 Stick-On Name Labels

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Quick and easy to apply, but will not bond with most fabrics

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Our stick-on labels are built to stick to hard surfaces and garment care tags. They are constructed from a flexible poly-based material, which has a fast-bonding and long-lasting adhesive on the reverse side. They’re one inch by one half inch in size, and have space for 11 characters on each of two lines. They are dishwasher and laundry machine safe, and will show only minimal fade and wear over time. Like camper nicknames…they just stick!

Appearance: These compact name labels measure 1" wide by 1/2" tall - sized to hold just enough info (up to 11 characters/spaces per line) while sticking unobtrusively onto garment care tags and hard goods. A classic black font in all uppercase, on bright white helps them be visible and keeps them looking clean through all kinds of abuse.

Construction: Our Name Labels are designed to stay. These name tags are constructed from a thin, flexible poly-based material. The fast-bonding adhesive on the back is reliable and long- lasting. The labels come in strips of 80. The labels are specially designed and tested in the toughest camp and hospital laundry machines, and are dishwasher safe. They will show only minimal fade and wear over time and when properly applied, should last through several seasons of use.

Ordering: Order on-line and we’ll send them to your door, or you can get labels in store. We print labels while you wait - it takes about a minute. We do not accept orders for pick up in store. You'll need to order for delivery, or shop in-store.

Name labels measure 1" wide by 1/2" tall
Printed to order
Up to 11 characters/spaces per line (including punctuation and spaces).
Bold black print in all uppercase on bright white
Easy to apply Stick-On backing bonds to most solid materials.
Dishwasher and laundry machine safe
and will show only minimal fade and wear over time
Not recommended for fabric -stick to Garment care tags or use Iron-On labels

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Our Stick on labels are almost indestructible when applied to hard surfaces (Metal, plastic etc.) and can provide long use when properly applied to garment care tags which are smooth and non-porous.


Step 1

Find your labelling location - A smooth hard surface or garment care tag (ensure it is clean and dry). If your garment doesn’t have a care tag, use an iron-on label.

Step 2

Remove the label from the backing – be sure not to touch the sticky side.

Step 3

Apply the label to a hard surface or a garment tag or. DO NOT place the label directly on the garment fabric or on the brand tag - the label will fall off. Press the label onto the surface firmly – ensure all corners and edges are well bonded.

Step 4

Wait at least 4 hours before washing applied labels to allow adhesive to bond.
Stick On Label Instructions On Garment Care Tag
Stick On Label Instructions Not on Fabric
Stick On Label Instructions Not on Brand Tag