This is probably not the camp duffel bag you want. Consider the Milk.
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This is probably not the camp duffel bag you want. Consider the Milk.

We carry three sizes of the Stone Peak Camper's Duffel. The 38, the 40, and the 42. But we really only recommend two - the 38, and the 40, with the size 40 being our go-to workhorse. Here's why:


The size 42 duffel is big. Really big. Ridiculously big. It is - in all seriousness - too big.

But big is good, right? Not so much.

Consider The Milk.

The size 42 duffel's volume is 264 liters. So if you wanted to, you could pour 198.5* bags of milk into your duffel. How many bags of milk does your household use in a week? 2, maybe? If so, that would be 2 years of milk in a duffel bag.

That is a lot of milk (unless you are looking to make a duffel bag cheese). Heck, 264L is a lot of anything! It’s definitely way too much camp stuff for one duffel.

*198.5 because for some reason Canadian milk comes in 1.33l bags instead of 1l bags.)


But the craziness doesn’t stop there. Once you have your 2 years worth of milk carefully poured into your duffel, how do you lift the bag? Because that bag now weighs 272 kg (or 600lbs for the imperialists out there).

Forklift not available

If you try to lift this milk-stuffed monstrosity you will:

A) Fail.

B) Injure yourself.

C) Rip the bag.

and D) End up with a lot of spilled milk.

Don’t come crying to us if you’ve spilled all your duffel-milk. The 42 Duffel is not covered by the guarantee when it comes to ripped handles or failed/shredded fabric (or shredded cheese).

For the lactose intolerant: The Size 42 duffel bag is intended to carry bulky, lightweight items like a comforter, pillows, or foam pads. When loaded up with heavier items it will probably fail or be too heavy for your summer camper, their councilors, or you to properly lift - meaning it will get dragged, or pulled, and ripped, and torn.

Duffel Sizes

So if you are still in the market for a summer camp duffel, be sure to take a look at the much more manageable, practical, and colourful size 40 duffels. Unless you really do need to move 198.5 bags of milk.

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(PS: When you are done making duffel bag cheese, to clean your duffel bags we recommend simply hosing it off, wiping it out with a sponge and hanging to dry. Maybe a use little dish detergent if it has gotten Limburger funky)