Snap-On Trunk Wheels

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1 pair of wheels ready to snap on to your Rhino trunk! Stop hauling it the hard way and roll it wherever you need it to go.

One set of wheels (2 wheels, 1 storage bag)


Each Rhino Armor Trunk™ comes with 2 nickel plated steel universal wheel adapter plates already mounted on the side of the trunk. This allows you to easily add or remove Rhino’s specially designed wheels to your trunk anytime you want, anywhere you want in a matter of seconds. They’re extremely easy to use! No tools are needed, nor does the trunk need to be lifted to install them.

Best of all, these advanced design wheels do not add any extra height to the trunk. Even with the wheels on, the trunk is stackable. Also, the trunk won’t slide or roll around with the wheels on. To engage the wheels, simply lift the handle on the opposite end and start wheeling your trunk away.