Silicone Travel Bottle Singles

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Soft, silicone tubes with an integrated loop so they can be securely attached to a bag or backpack with a carabiner in seconds (not included).

Food-safe, 100% BPA-free and phthalate-free, they are rugged enough for a backpack and soft enough to allow all of the contents to be squeezed out. A cap with a built in selector makes identifying contents easy, and the large opening makes refills quick and effortless. Airplane carry-on approved sizing.

  • Food grade silicone cap has 5 integrated content choices 1 blank
  • Leak proof bottle
  • TSA approved size 3 oz. (89 ml)
  • Biner hole in top to hang from backpack

Coghlan’s Silicone Travel Bottles are made of high-purity, FDA food safe silicone that are ideal for many different liquids including toiletries and food products. Silicone is compatible with many different types of liquids and gels however some substances are not compatible with silicone.

To ensure the desired liquid or gel is compliant with silicone, Coghlan’s recommends testing a small amount of the liquid or gel overnight before use. The liquid is incompatible with silicone if it evaporates or dries up shortly after being put in the silicone travel bottle. The liquid could also cause leaks, change the shape or color of the silicone bottle.

More Info

As with all Silicone Bottles, Coghlan’s recommends an overnight trial run with a new product. Put a paper towel or tissue paper underneath the bottle to collect any liquid in the off chance it leaks through the bottle. The Silicone Travel Bottles are not designed for long term storage as leaving the liquid or gel inside the silicone bottle for long durations could cause products to dry out or change texture if stored for long periods of time (greater than one month).

Always pack Coghlan’s Silicone Travel Bottles in a leak proof bag for protection in case an incompatible liquid is used in the silicone bottles. Coghlan’s Silicone Travel Bottles won't leak under normal circumstances; however, using an incompatible liquid could leak through the bottle. When traveling, caps may not get tightened fully or baggage handlers or security at the airport. Coghlan’s recommends that you always put your Silicone Travel Bottles in a resealable plastic bag for safety and to prevent leaks.

Liquids and gels not recommended for use in Coghlan’s Silicone Travel Bottles:

  • Oils
  • Strong Acids and alkali
  • Alcohol
  • Aerated water
  • Hair Serums
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Caustic products
  • Flammable products
  • DEET- based insect repellants

Liquids and gels that are required to be testing overnight before using:

  • Essential oils
  • Sunscreens and tanning lotions
  • Skin conditioning oils
  • Liquid sweeteners
  • Personal lubricants

Please use with caution. For best results, test the liquid or gel in the silicone bottle overnight before using. When filled, the silicone bottles should also be inserted into a resealable leak proof bag to prevent leaks or damage to the surrounding area. Silicone bottles are not to be used for long term storage, as liquids should be cleaned out of the bottles if filled for longer than one month.