Rhino Armor Canvas Trunks - In-Stock Program

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Size: 30"X17"X13"
In Stock. Usually ships next business day.

Not your average summer camp camp trunk.

Hand crafted with hard-wearing uses like camp, dorm and home storage in mind, the Rhino trunks have heavy-Duty everything plus the Rhino Armor nylon canvas coating to make them an excellent choice when you want a durable, long lasting trunk.


Our in-stock trunks are available in three sizes!

  • 30"X17"X13" -(Red)  24 pounds empty
  • 32"x18"x14" - (Black) 27 pounds empty
  • 34"x20"x15” - (Slate) 34 pounds empty

These Trunks have it all:

  • Soft-close safety lid stay that keeps the lid from slamming shut on fingers.
  • Rhino Armor coated 3/8" premium cabinet grade hardwood plywood
  • Rhino Armor™ is a waterproof, dentproof, scratchproof exterior fabric sheathing that’s laminated over 3/8" Baltic Birch hardwood plywood.
  • Rhino Armor Trunks™ weigh about 20% less than steel trunks.
  • Strong hand crafted construction - nailed and riveted
  • Heavy duty nickel-plated hardware
  • 3 lid hinges (others use only 2), plus a steel lid stay
  • Tight-fitting tongue and groove lid to body closure
  • Magnetic lock hasp for putting on your own padlock.
  • Durable leather handle on each end
  • Beautiful and smooth natural hardwood interior - nothing but the best! No paper lining anywhere. Therefore, no possibility of peeling and tearing like most trunks.
  • Rhino Armor Trunks™ come with 2 universal wheel adapter plates mounted on the end of every trunk to easily add or remove Rhino’s specially designed wheels. (Wheels Sold Separately)
Please Note:

Please Note: Trunks are not designed to be used as a shipping container. They will not weather the abuse that airlines or shipping companies(UPS, FedEx, etc...) put them through. If you must ship a trunk via the airlines or a shipping company, we recommend that you place the trunk back in its original box and packaging as this will help to protect it from shipping abuse.