MyTagAlongs Long Haul Packing Pods 6pk

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Colour: Soft Pink
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A set of 6 super light packing cubes and bags for storing and organizing your suitcase or duffel for a weekend trip or a long haul.

4 different sized pods a drawstring bag and a small pouch to help keep things organized. The breathable cubes and handy bags can separate dirty from clean clothes, socks from underwear, sort by outfit or day or simply stash clothes and shoes, toiletries and accessories. Make packing, unpacking, and organizing a breeze.

  • Made of lightweight polyester
  • Breathable mesh cover
  • 6 sizes for versatility

6 Sizes in each pack:

Pouch: 10.5" X 8"
Drawstring bag: 11" X 15"
Small pod:10" X 7" X 3"
Medium pod: 12" X 9" X 4"
Medium Pod:12" X 9" X 4"
Large pod: 17" X 12" X 4"