Life Gear Mini Max 100 Lumen Aluminum Flashlight

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Colour: Silver
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The Life Gear Mini Max flashlight is a lot of light in a compact and lightweight package!

With 5 light modes (ED flashlight mode for standard lighting, Light and Safety Light) red glow for subtle illumination, red flasher for signaling purposes, and emergency SOS flasher for critical situations) this light is built with COB super bright LED bulbs for 100 lumens of light, and a rugged aluminum body four toughness!

Colours move in and out of stock quickly, we will not substitute colours without contacting you first.
  • 4 Light Modes: LED flashlight, red glow, red flasher, SOS flasher.
  • Low power consumption.
  • AAA batteries Included
  • Weather resistant
  • 1hr auto off
  • Aluminum body finish
  • Product Dimensions: 3.75" L X 1.25" W