Life Gear Glow Flashlight

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The Life Gear glow flashlight has four light modes, is water resistant, and has a a waterproof space to store small valuables. It will also turn itself on if you drop it into water, so it can be easily found!

The emergency flasher can easily be seen from long distances and will flash for 400 hours in flasher mode. You can unscrew the handle and use its secure interior to store money, keys, and other valuables. The light turns on automatically when immersed in water and also floats in water, making it a great light for boating, swimming, and fishing. The glow stick and emergency flasher make this a great light to keep in your car in case of emergency. Also features a pop out key ring style connector clip.

Colours move in and out of stock quickly, we will not substitute colours without contacting you first.
  • 4 light modes: Flashlight, glow mode with flashlight, glow mode, and flasher mode.
  • Floats and turns on automatically when immersed in water.
  • Water Resistant with a secure handle for storing valuables.
  • Batteries last up to 400 hours in flasher mode.
  • Available in red, green, and blue.
  • Lumens: 80
  • Batteries:  3 AA Included
  • Product Dimensions: 8" L X 2.25" W