GoBites Uno

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HumanGear GoBites portable utensils are designed to be light, tough and versatile for camping, backpacking and travel. The Gobites Uno is a best seller combination fork and spoon.

Uno is what a hybrid utensil should be. HumanGear has built smarter utensil ends and a more ergonomic form. It should be equally useful to ultra-light backpackers, people craving simplicity, the space-conscious, summer campers, and those on a budget.

  • Made from high-strength nylon.
  • Tapered splitter tines on sides cut food efficiently.
  • Easy-scrape profile gets the last mouthful from a deep pot or pouch.
  • Ultra light-weight without compromising strength and durability.
  • Won't melt when being used with boiling water.

All GoBites are made with a super tough BPA-free nylon.