GoBites Duo

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HumanGear GoBites portable utensils are designed to be light, tough and versatile - exactly what campers, backpackers and travelers need in their compact cutlery.

The HumanGear Duo is 'The civilized fork and spoon.' A two-piece fork and spoon set with a unique interlock system. This allows the utensils to nest compactly for transport and storage. Each piece has been carefully sized to fit comfortably in the hand when used separately, and to fit together end-to-end making a single tool (for rehydrated meal bags, deep containers, etc.). As a single tool, Duo is longer than any comparable "long reach" utensil.

  • Tools lock together for transport and storage.
  • Deep tines spear food or twirl noodles.
  • Tapered splitter tines on sides cut food efficiently.
  • Easy-scrape spoon profile gets the last mouthful.

All GoBites are made with a super tough BPA-free nylon.