Fox 40 XP LED Light and Micro Whistle

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Keep the Fox 40 XP LED Light and Micro Whistle is a fantastic item for Campers, Hikers and boaters to keep on them at all times while adventuring!

Clip the XP LED light and Micro whistle to a PFD, A pack, or in a pocket and you'll have emergency illumination and communication anywhere. The loud, pea less Fox40 whistle can be heard for long distances over ambient noise, and the small CP Led light is far brighter than its small stature. 

The XP LED Kit Features:
  • The Fox 40 XP LED Light is built with ABS plastic body.
  • 3 LED lights
  • Push button changes mode – 4 modes: On / 50% On / SOS Mode (flashing) / Off
  • Batteries included; ( 2 CR2032 button cells)
  • Compact and will not restrict movement
  • Each LED light can reach up to 13000 MCD
  • Includes a lightweight metal carabiner
The Fox 40 Micro Whistle
  • Measures 2" Long, 1" wide, 1/2" Deep
  • Designed to be small and flat
  • No pressure points
  • Used by outdoor enthusiasts, adventure guides, runners, hikers and cyclists
  • No moving parts to freeze, jam or deteriorate
  • Easy to blow and cannot be overblown, the harder you blow, the louder the sound
  • Whistle self-clears if submerged in water
  • Can be heard above ambient noise (crowds, engines, waves or wind).