Dragonfly Wingman Deer and Horsefly Repellent

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The Dragonfly Wingman Clip-On Natural & Organic Concept Deer and Horse Fly simulates a real dragonfly in flight using a “scarecrow approach” that naturally fools these pests.

Clip this wingman to your hat, collar, stroller, or backpack and watch the deer and horse flies flee! No Spray, no cream and no chemicals. This fun little dragonfly simply flits about your head, scaring off the biting insect who don't want to be bitten themselves.

  • Available in Single or two-pack
  • Comes in assorted colours
  • Clip-on dragonfly helps to repel deer and and horse flies
  • Uses flying action to scare away deerfly. Proven effective
  • Dragonflies are the primary predator of deer and horse flies
  • Deer and horse flies flee when they spot the Dragonfly Wingman