Iron On Labels - Step by Step

Our iron on labels have been working flawlessly for 30 years.  Take your time applying them and they will outlast the garment to which you have applied the label! (Always Follow garment manufacturers instructions, do not apply to garments where Ironing is not recommended.)


Step 1.

Turn iron on and to the highest cotton setting. Wait until it is fully heated before ironing. Do not use steam!


Step 2

Separate a label from the sheet by folding and tearing along the perforated lines


Step 3

Place the label -writing face up- on the garment to be labeled.

Step 4

Iron over the label and garment for at least 10 seconds. Check to see if label has fully adhered. If it hasn’t, iron the label for another 10 seconds. Ironing on a label takes around 10-30 seconds depending on your iron.

Step 5

Once the label has cooled, ensure all edges and corners are flat and have fully adhered to the garment. More ironing may be required
Iron On Labels No Steam
Iron On Labels Face Up
Iron On Labels 10-30 Seconds