Camp Northland-B'nai Brith Shoppable Packing List

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A quick User guide: Camp Connection carries almost everything your camp asks for, with a few exceptions. We have kept this clickable list as true to your camps original as possible.

Each link will open in a new tab/window - we recommend you keep this tab open and browse the new one. When you are done shopping that item, close the window and come back here. Don't worry - any items you add to your cart in any window will stay put - just refresh this page to see your new additions.

If you have any questions about the list: The best people to contact are your summer camp administrators.

If you have any questions about our items: The best way to contact us is via email - We're usually back to you in under 24 hours (a little longer on weekends)

We Recommend: Bringing old/used items to camp whenever possible - these items will be used hard and may never make it home.  

General Instructions:

    • This includes clothes, shoes, bedding, sports equipment, flashlight, books, etc.
    • Label with sewn name tags or permanent marker.
    • The best way that nothing is lost (or can be returned) is to label it!
  2. All belongings should be packed in duffle bags for simple handling.
    • Duffels should be securely closed and well tagged with the campers baggage tags, which are mailed to you in our spring package.
    • Each camper is restricted to 2 duffels.
    • Optional personal sports/music equipment should be put on the bus.

Suggested amounts are based on laundry occurring approximately every 10 days.