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A quick User guide: Camp Connection carries almost everything your camp asks for, with a few exceptions. We have kept this clickable list as true to your camps original as possible.

Each link will open in a new tab/window - we recommend you keep this tab open and browse the new one. When you are done shopping that item, close the window and come back here. Don't worry - any items you add to your cart in any window will stay put - just refresh this page to see your new additions.

If you have any questions about the list: The best people to contact are your summer camp administrators.

If you have any questions about our items: The best way to contact us is via email - We're usually back to you in under 24 hours (a little longer on weekends)

We Recommend: Bringing old/used items to camp whenever possible - these items will be used hard and may never make it home.  

Camp Solelim Note: What to Pack in

Solelim recommends campers bring one trunk (2ft. x 4ft.), one duffel bag and one set of plastic drawers. Typically, clothing is packed in the drawers and trunks, while bedding and towels, toiletries and shoes are packed in the duffel. Campers work together and with staff to move their belongings to their tents. Please make sure you can lift your bags: if you can’t, we won’t be able to either!

Many campers bring the 34”x20”x15” Rhino Armour trunk from Camp Connection. Some campers may choose to purchase a plastic bins instead. While this option is cheaper, it is not always as durable. Make sure that whatever trunk/bin you choose is able to withstand being stacked in the luggage truck without cracking. Please label the lid of your camper’s trunk/bin using permanent marker or duct tape.




Do Not Pack

  • Candles, Lighters, Fire-crackers and/or butane or propane filled appliances
  • Glass Containers
  • Electronic devices such as hotplates, kettles, electric blankets, heaters, etc.
  • Electronic devices that violate the screen-free policy
  • cell phones or any device capable of connecting with a cellular network or using data
  • expensive jewelry clothing, cameras or other valuables
  • clothing that requires dry cleaning/hand washing or that cannot be laundered in commercial laundry machines and dryers
  • heels/platform shoes
  • food, snacks or bottled water