The King is Dead! All Hail the King!
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The King is Dead! All Hail the King!

I herald tidings of change.
It is the end of an era!

Old Iron On Name Labels

Ok. Maybe that’s a touch dramatic, but there has been a big change here at Camp Connection. After 33 years we have stopped selling our classic dot-matrix-printed, cotton/poly blended iron on name labels.

We did not want to - these hard-working labels have been around longer than I have, but we were having trouble sourcing materials label material. Plus, finding parts for our ancient printer technology was becoming a problem.

It was time to move on. The longest running product in our lineup is no more!

The King is dead… Long live the king!

We’ve replaced the iconic labels with a new and improved version.

New Iron on Name Tags

And we have managed to keep some of the best parts of our old tags in the process. We can print these Iron-on labels even faster, they are just as easy to apply, just as durable and long lasting, and they are brighter and more legible!

The new labels sell in packs of 80 for $15.99

As always these can be made to order on the spot in-store, or you can order on-line and they will ship out the next business day.

Now I'm off to apply for that Town Crier opening I saw on LinkedIn. 

Happy Ironing!

Name Labels Applied


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'Town Crier' 
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