The Stone Peak Onesie
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Staff Pick: Stone Peak Onesies!

Staff Pick StarI've got a Staff Pick to share with you! 

I am so excited about our newest One(sie) – it is one of our top Staff Favorites and everyone who wears one is as obsessed as I am (I literally live in mine when I’m at home. I may-or-may-not have actually gone out to brunch wearing it).

Here’s what I love:

Anatomy of a Stone Peak Onesie
  • They are super soft. Which means addictively cozy. (I might have a One(sie) problem!)
  • The hood is deep. Deep enough to brood dramatically over a hot cup of coffee, but it’s not heavy or bulky
  • Pockets!!
  • Made in Canada!
  • They are simple. 1 Zipper, 2 pockets, and a hood. Everything you need and nothing you don’t for Sunday couch surfing. Or Brunch. I won’t judge.
  • Great Colours!

Check out the Adult One(sie) here, and the Youth version here. If you end up loving your Stone Peak The One(sie) as much as I do - drop me an email and let me know - we can be One(sie) Twinsies!

Onesie BueOnesie GreenOnesie Grey


Till next time – be well, and be cozy!

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