Anatomy of Bamboo Sweat Pants
Staff Pick

Staff Pick: Bamboo Panda Sweats

Staff Pick

Time for a new staff favorite!

​I can often be found on the couch under a fuzzy blanket, lost in old movies. Being Cozy Is absolutely my jam. Which is why I’m super excited to tell you about our latest staff favorite – the Bamboo Panda sweats!

These came out mid-pandemic and I sort of feel like I should keep them my own secret lounge weapon. They check a lot of boxes for me, and apparently I’m not alone:

Anatomy of  Bamboo Panda Sweat Pants
  • Eco-Friendly! Bamboo Panda are made with renewable Bamboo-derived rayon. Natural, tough, and crazy soft.
  • Made In Canada!
  • Versatile: For formal lounging wear ’em straight - logo out and laces in. When it’s time to let loose: roll over the waistband and show off your inner panda.
  • Colours: Match them to your couch, or your duvet. Lavender is my go-to for movie marathon days. (It matches my hot chocolate mug.)
  • Comfort: These pants are Soft! And they get softer every time I wash them. I kind of melt into mine, like climbing into a hot tub, but dryer.

Bamboo Trio

Bamboo Panda Sweat Band Closeup

So here’s the thing: There are a LOT of high-end sweats on the market that cost a hundred bucks (or more!). Cozy being my thing, I’ve tried them all. But my Bamboo Pandas stack up with the best of them, and for only sixty bucks! (even less if you’re a kiddo). These things are eco, budget, AND butt friendly.

Till next time, Stay healthy and keep cozy!

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P.S. They come in shorts too!

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