!Update! New long Johns? I Need to Calm Down...
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!Update! New long Johns? I Need to Calm Down...


Our Ladies Long Johns and tops have finally arrived - No camping in overnight lineups necessary!


Remember way back when I posted that blog where I gushed unapologetically about the awesomeness of Merino wool (and cute sheep)… well, here I go again!

To Recap: Merino wool comes from super cute Merino sheep, which produce wool that is both thinner and softer than any of their equally adorable cousins. The upshot is that this makes for fabrics that help regulate body temperature, transport sweat away as vapor, and cancel out odors. Boring lesson over.

I bring this up again because Kombi (our favorite icons of Canadian Cozy) have built some amazing base layers - long johns and thermal tops – with twin layers of super soft moisture wicking polyester and super soft warmth retaining Merino wool!

Kombi Leggings

And anyone crazy enough to go camping or hiking in the fall is going to want a set of these for when the temperature dip and the rain hits. Anyone playing (or sitting) in a rink is also going to need these.

Basically – get these if it's going to be cold where you are and you want to stay cozy.

(I mean, it is well established that that cozy is my Jam).


Ladies Thermal Top

There is one huge problem: Due to ‘Supply Chain issues’ (anyone else sick of that phrase?) I can’t order these yet!

Men’s thermals? Check! ✔️

Youth warm wear? Absolutely!✔️

Ladies? ❌ Available Sometime in September. 😒

You'd better believe I’ll be lining up for these in the same way I’d line up for floor seats at a Taylor Swift show (With a tent, days in advance, probably very un-cozy because: No thermals).

If you have not already, sign up for our emails and I’ll let you know when the women's arrive.  Hopefully before I need to line up for Taylor Swift Tickets.


Our Ladies Long Johns and tops have finally arrived - No camping in overnight lineups necessary!

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