Kombi winter Gloves with Hand Warmer Pockets
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Kombi Gloves with Hand Warmer Pockets!?

So, I was today-years-old when I discovered that the Kombi hand warmer pocket exists! Have you seen this?

Kombi Glove insert Close up

The Kombi ‘Original' winter glove has all the stuff you’d expect with a top-notch ski glove, but it has a secret little bonus… a pouch designed to hold Kombi’s air-activated hand warmers.

Kombi Gloves

Pop open the hook-and-loop closure, slip in one of the lovely little packets of heat and seal it up again. Apply gloves to hands. Presto – up to 10 hours of warm hands.

How cool (or warm) is that?!  The 'Original' is available in Youth, Women's and Men's Sizes.

This is a game changer for me! All day on the slopes and no numb fingers? Yes Please! If you enjoy being outside in the cold but hate cold fingers, you should def check these out.

Till next time – be well, and be cozy!

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Now with warm hands!
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