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Go Team Red Stripe!

Just a quick look into what makes my camp-obsessed brain tick, and why my red-striped cotton work socks are as essential now as they were when they were on my camp packing list. 

Camp Love

One of the best things about camp - the thing that I will carry with me my entire life - is the feeling of calm, relaxed nostalgia. That sense of simple days, close friends, goofy fun, and no responsibilities.

There are lots of things that can trigger that feeling for me (I am after all, just a little obsessed), but my favourite has to be the simplest of every day items:

Red Stripe Camp Socks
Tangle of socksI still wear these almost every day and EVERY time I pull them on I get a little shot of dopamine straight from the old memory chip. A flash of campfire smoke, the taste of smores, the feel of sun and that nostalgic slow-time stretch of endless summer.
All I'm saying here is that every single camp list has 'socks and underwear' on it. But every camper NEEDS a pair of these cotton camp socks. Or maybe six.
And now I want S'mores. This is your fault.
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'Team Red Stripe' 
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Socks and SandalsP.S.
Socks and Sandals?
Absolute YES.

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