Laundry Bag Customization

Add a name to easily ID your bags! 

Personalize your cotton laundry bag with bright and permanent 3" lettering.

Cost:  $2.99 per letter (plus the cost of the duffel).

Customization will add about 5 days to processing before your order will ship. 


1. Check 'Yes!' next to 'Would you like to Customize your Laundry Bag?' When you do this, the rest of the options will appear.

2. Select your letter colour - Choose from White, black or red.

3. Type your name or message into the 'Custom Lettering' fields. We can only fit 8 characters on each line. Every line on the form will be a separate line on each bag. If you want only one line on each, leave the second line blank. 

*(Please Note: We can only press letters and periods. We can not create special characters - !,#,&, etc.)*

4. Select how many laundry bags with this lettering you would like

*If you are ordering 2 bags with the same name, you only need to enter the name once. then select '2' before pressing 'Add to cart'.

Then press 'Add to Cart!'


Please enter your order carefully, and double check at check-out because we cannot alter pressed bags, and all custom items are final sale. Expect some slight imperfections.